All-around nerd. Equally at home behind a camera as well as in front of a computer screen. A data-driven individual, I have a passion for quality data analysis, data visualization, and all things science! I can handle end-to-end forecasting, from configuring and running a model to providing decision support, and everything in between. There is very little I can't get into, but my latest areas of focus have been Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Visualization, & Verification, Numerical Weather Prediction, Cloud Physics, Air Quality/Plume Modeling, and HAZMAT (CBRN) Support & Modeling.

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Colorado, USA
Professional Skills
Work Experience

Jan 2023 - Present

Weather Modification
Meteorologist | Meteorological Systems Analyst

Responsible for the maintenance and development of meteorological systems, including hardware, software, and philosphy, as well as direct project support, including forecasting when needed.


Acronyms: WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting model), AI/ML (Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning), AWS (Amazon Web Services [compute cloud])

Nov 2020 - Jan 2023

Western Region Headquarters
Meteorologist | Service Evolution Program Leader

Core responsiblities included: Planning, coordination, and management of a regional science program focusing on integrating emerging technologies or techniques into a weather forecasting program in order to improve current prediction models, address deficiencies or otherwise enhance performance of a weather forecasting office. Contributed and advised on the development of policies, procedures, operational schedules, long term objectives, pre-program planning and the establishment of content, costs and schedules of products and services to enhance overall weather forecasting program. Applied knowledge of weather forecasting programs towards providing guidance and advise on changing program objectives, responded to customer or stakeholder questions on new science, assisted others in obtaining experimental data and evaluation for operational use, and attended high level meetings for group collaborations on improving products or services.


  • Co-developed Modernized Forecast Operations Concept White Paper to revolutionize NWS operations over the next 5 years, incorporating scientific literature spanning nearly 50 years. This concept was executed through cross-divisional regional goals.
  • Developed visual standards spanning colormaps to presentaton templates, document layouts, weather graphics, and map layout to maximize effectiveness of visual communication.
  • Part of a team that pushed the boundaries of interactive visuals and AI/ML to develop Dynamic Ensemble-based Scenarios for IDSS (DESI) - an interactive point and plan view ensemble viewer that utilizes AI/ML for clustering and bias correction. DESI performs both AI/ML and interactive rendering tasks on-the-fly.
  • Evolved "Forecast Confidence" emails to be more collaborative, targeted, and incorporate yearly goals, taking them from static emails to interactive StoryMaps (NOAA login required, or ask me for demo).
  • Presented efforts to revolutionize forecast process at a WFO at annual, national NWA conference.
  • Analyzed the value of emerging technology and datasets (such as NBM, CSU MLP, HREF, RRFS) through verification activities - primarily in python and/or ArcGIS, with a focus on relevant, engaging, and convincing visualizations.
  • Developed and shared code (python notebooks) with a focus on verification activities and highlightning new data/tools (such as archive radar/MRMS, satellite, and model data) to elevate the quality and quantity of science-based event reviews and verification.
Acronyms: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NWS (National Weather Service), AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning), IDSS (Impact-based Decision Support Services), WFO (Weather Forecast Office), NWA (National Weather Association)

Dec 2018 - Nov 2020

NWS Las Vegas

Operational, career-tenure meteorologist for the NWS Las Vegas, serving a CWA that encompasses nearly 70,000 square miles of complex terrain, including both the lowest (Death Valley) and highest (Mount Whitney) points in the CONUS. Worked around-the-clock operations to produce not only standard forecast grids and WWA products, but also deliver tailored IDSS to core partners, and produce weather graphics and messaging for consumption by the general public.

In addition to regular/routine duties:

  • Leader of the Science, Technology, and Training functional group, incorporatating the latest science, data, techniques into forecast operations.
  • Developed Event Previews to introduce and encourage the use of emerging forecast techniques and datasets to ensure the office remains an integral part of the research/technology to operations chain. This resulted in increased use of new tools and "probabilistic thinking", leading to increased confidence and messaging of impactful weather in the 5-10 day timeframe.
  • Led project to streamline operations by redistributing workload, integrating the latest science, and ensuring forecasters are maximizing their impact in decision-making abilities of core partners by allowing more time for data interrogation and DSS.
  • Involved with HAZMAT team, completing HPAC (1 and 2) training.
Acronyms: CWA (County Warning Area), WWA (Watch, Warning, Advisory), HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials), HPAC (Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability [Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) software])

Apr 2018 - Dec 2018

Special Operations & Research Division
Research Meteorologist

NOAA meteorologist embedded in the DoE's NNSS, supporting general operations through forecasts and outlooks for the over 1,300 square mile site. Supported DoE lab experiments through tailored forecasts as well as collaboration on experiments as expert Range Meteorologist (LES simulations, climatology/advanced project planning). Routine tasks included general weather and fire support outlooks, station maintenance, and development/improvement of forecast products, including the development of an at-at-glance weather risk matrix, and development of local WRF model. Activities also included preparation, execution, and interpretation and reporting of air quality modeling for air quality permit.

Acronyms: ARL (Air Resources Laboratory), DoE (Department of Energy), NNSS (Nevada National Security Site), LES (Large Eddy Simulation), WRF (Weather Research and Foreacsting model [NCAR])

Aug 2014 - Mar 2018

NWS Las Vegas
Intern Meteorologist

Around-the-clock NWS operations, providing both general forecasts through grids and products, as well as tailored weather briefings to NWS partners (Emergency Managers, First Responders, Fire personnel), as well as daily climate and upper-air observations. Special activities included development and maintenance of local WRF model suite, assisting in developing Recreation Forecasts (including wave model and graphics), and project/presentation examining the meteorology and impacts of low ceilings at KLAS.

Acronyms: KLAS (Harry Reid International Airport [formerly McCarran Internationl Airport])

May 2014 - Aug 2014
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013

North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board
Radar Meteorologist / Flight Director

Independently performed and supervised convective cloud seeding operations in North Dakota to fulfill project mission of hail damage reduction and rainfall enhancement. Activities included daily forecasting, operating upgraded, on-site WSR-74C radar, and directing cloud seeding operations, both on the ground and in the air. Ensured and oversaw the safety of over 106.97 flight-hours in 2014, and 67.05 flight-hours in 2013.

Aug 2013 - May 2014

Support Meteorologist

Served as front-line support for both general public users of weather apps (iMap Weather Radio, RadarScope), and enterprise-level clients (shipping, concerts/stages, sporting/media, etc.) around the world. Also assisted in/supported the production and QC of meteorological products, weather watch, and forecast creation for enterprise clients.


2009 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Science | Meteorology

Valparaiso University

Graduated with 48 major (meteorology) credits and a major GPA of 3.38/4. Also minored in mathematics with an overall GPA of 3.21/4.0.

  • Elected as Vice President of the Valparaiso University Student Body for the August 2012 - May 2013 term. This entailed running day-to-day operations of the student senate and ensuring functioning committees, including oversight of the $700,000+ student activities budget (setting budget principles/priorities and line items across 120+ student-run organizations).
  • Elected as Interfraternity Council President for the 2012 calendar year term. Initiated a reorganization of constitution, bylaws, and academic standards which resulted in the 2012 Interfraternity Council receiving awards for Excellence in Academic Achievement, Council Management and Self Governance, and Judicial Affairs by the Association for Fraternal Leadership and Values at a national conference.

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